Handcrafted Jewelry


          From Georgia to CT to New York City to San Francisco to Nantucket, Massachusetts, Karen's jewelry gets around! The pieces are creative, unique, stylish and chic! They impress! I never fail to receive compliments from my CTfriends and from strangers wherever I go. I recently purchased a multi-strand gray pearl necklace from Karen which always makes people's eyes get bigger! A perusal of Karen's website is an exercise in temptation. It is very hard to resist buying. Even when I buy for friends I have to resist keeping the item for myself! (shhh-I don't always succeed in resisting!) I have special ordered necklaces from Karen to give to friends for their birthdays. I described each friend, her stature, coloring and style and Karen created just the perfect piece--every time! My friends love their gifts and the personal touch involved. Artistically created, tastefully done, and at just the right price, Karen's Creations is a true find!

Mary Liz, New Canaan, Ct

         Karen creates such unique and interesting jewelry. I was gifted with a wonderful pair of earrings while visiting my Mom in Georgia. A couple of months later, I lost one of them. I emailed Karen a poorly focused picture (taken with my cell phone) of the remaining earring and she was able to make a replacement to match it. She even shipped it to Alabama so I didn't have to wait til my next visit to Georgia. Thanks, Karen!

Kel McBride, Montgomery, Alabama

          Over the past six months, I've ordered many custom-made pieces of jewelry. Karen always comes through with beautiful work. During the Christmas season I went to Karen's house and she made five watch band bracelets for me. I picked out the beads and she made them to my specifications (some longer than normal and some shorter than normal). Everyone who received a bracelet was both excited and pleased.

Estine Davis, Nahunta, GA

        Shopping at Karen's Creations is a great way to add the finishing touch to a new outfit or brighten up an old favorite look. Karen's jewelry and accessories make the possibilities endless. She makes car charms, key chains, purse ornaments and eyeglass lanyards in addition to a fantastic array of jewelry. Her jewelry is professionally made to fit every life style and price range. She knows fashion and what appeals to all styles and all ages. I can purchase a wild funky retro necklace for a niece, a vintage look choker and earrings for my daughter or have a combo set made to match my newest top. Hey! Call her and book a party - I've attended 3 and they were fun. Relax, snack and pick out your favorite pieces to take home or tell her your ideas and have her create your design.

I love to check out her website and Facebook page just to see her latest creations. Don't forget that they are available in the local stores, too.

Loved the purple and lavender pearl necklace and earrings. Everyone who sees them comments on them. I love them so much that I want a bracelet to complete the look. I like the fact that the necklace is convertible - I can wear the short strand or the long strand or wear them together. It's like having 3 necklaces in one!! I want a green set now. LOL

Carole Adkins, Nahunta, GA

         I have some dear girlfriends (we call ourselves "The FABS"),who get together once a year at the beach for fun and Karen is one of the bunch. I guess we're just lucky! Last year, she made each of us anklets with silver beads that spell "F-A-B-S" to wear to remember each other and the good times we've had. Each anklet had different Swarovski crystals to match our personalities. Karen, I love it. I love the time and effort you put into making a piece of jewelry that is truly made for us. To anyone who would like to give a sweet gift to somebody with a unique name, you might think about a pretty piece of jewelry that says it! One of the other FABS had Karen make a bracelet for a birthday gift that used Roman numerals (XLVI) to show the friend's age. X's and O's in silver alphabet beads and birthstone jewels made it fabulous!

Carol Hixson, Chattanooga, TN

         I love Karen's Creations! She has custom designed and color matched several of my shirts with her one-of-a-kind earings. I recently wore the newest pair of earrings and had several people comment on how well the earrings matched my shirt. I'm sure I'll get her to design more earrings in the future. Thanks, Karen!!

Kathy Moody, Nahunta, GA

          I was thrilled when Karen repaired my favorite pearl necklace! I thought I would never be able to wear it again but Karen was able to get a new clasp and straightened it all out…and she did it so fast. Thanks, Karen!

Laura Kirby, Pensacola, FL

I just received my second piece of custom-made jewelry from Karen and it is beautiful. Even though my ideas might seem a bit much to some people Karen always makes what I ask for and the results never disappoint me. We have also collaborated on a few pieces that I have given as gifts, and I can always find something ready-made on her website that catches my eye!

Janet Lewis, Bangor, PA

 Karen made all the jewelry for Hilary's wedding for myself and the four flower girls, that matched their outfits as well as mine to a T. I took her a blouse and she brought me a masterpiece! Absolutely awesome items! Thank you Karen!

Kathy H. Hendricks, Nahunta, GA

 Love the custom made pearl bracelet, earrings and necklace. Karen is quick to please with her custom jewelry.

Cathy Dee Janes, Hoboken, GA

I have been wearing Karen's jewelry now for almost 3 years & love every piece. She can make the right piece for the right occasion. She understands my taste. Thanks, Karen

Pam Justice, Sweet P's,Hoboken, GA

Your new designs are Amazing! I loved seeing the stones and brilliant color, these are among my favorites! You are a great designer!!

Deborah Griner, Finders Keepers, Nahunta, GA

Thank you so much for repairing my necklace and for fixing my sweet Mother's Day gift for me!

Nancy White, Nahunta, GA

Saw your jewelry at the Shrimp & Grits Festival! I bought the cutest little flip flop charms and would like more. Thanks for the ones I did buy!

Rene Lake

I really enjoy looking at everything!

Tammy Gunter